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Hi, my name is Samantha, I'm also known as the Ladybug Kid, welcome to my world.  I like Pokemon, Scooby Doo and bugs (not nasty bugs like cockroaches or stingy things).  I am 6 years old (I'll be seven in August!).  I thought it would be fun to make a web site for kids.  I would like to share with you some things about ladybugs, and some other cool stuff I like.  I hope you can stay awhile and enjoy yourself.

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To move around just click the ladybugs -that aren't moving "giggle"!

Click the ladybug to see what I have adopted! Adoptions:  
This is where you can view the cute critters I've adopted and find links to get your own!
Click the ladybug to see my awards! Awards:  
I am very excited about the awards I've gotten!
Click the ladybug to apply for an award! Win MY Award!:  
I now offer a Ladybug Kid Award! You can apply for it!
Click the ladybug to explore some links I have found! Fun Links:
Cool stuff on the web for kids.  Check out some of the neat places Mom and I like to visit!
Click the ladybug for some pictures you can color! Ladybugs to Color:
I've collected drawings of ladybugs you can print out and color. Enjoy!
Click the ladybug to learn about them! Ladybug Facts and Links:
I like ladybugs.  Here you'll find fun facts and great links to more information.  Even a link to send ladybug email cards!
Click the ladybug to see some people I am greatful for! Ladybug Kid Gifts:
This is my collection of cyber-gifts that people have sent me.
Click the ladybug to see some people I am greatful for! Ladybug Kid Thanks:
Here is the place I say thank you to all the wonderful people and places that have made this site possible.

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I'm just a kid so my Mom is the site moderator.  That means that aside from doing the web pages, she also reads all my mail and anything posted to my guest book before I get to see them.  I would like to hear from everybody, but if you don't want my Mom to see it, don't send it.  She loves me and just wants to keep me safe.

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