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Web sites take a lot of time to create.  It is sometimes hard to even think up what one wants to do on them.  People on the web really like nice sites...some have created awards for those that they like.  This page is for the awards people have given me.  I really thank those who have given me awards and I hope that lots of people like this site!

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I was the April 2002 winner            Kindness Award 2002!

Toto surprized me with this in 2002!            Proud to win this, wow!

Hidden Gem Award Celtic Bug Award Fun Site

Diamond Award    "Congratulations, your site has won my "Diamond Award" I have found that your site is excellent and very well deserving of this award, It is very interesting and Informative to its viewers,with originality and excellent in design. Your site is a great addition to the world wide web.
"God Bless" "Semper Fidelis"

Respectfully Howard
Former Cpl. United States Marine Corps

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I would like to hear from everybody, but if you don't want my Mom to see it, don't send it.  She loves me and just wants to keep me safe.

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