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sample Lady Bug Kid AwardWeb sites take a lot of time to create.  It is sometimes hard to even think up what one wants to do on them.  Want to win my award for your web site?  It is simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Your site must be "safe surf" and I have to find it interesting.

2. Sign my guest book.

3. E-mail my web mistress with your URL and what the site is about.  Then I will take a look at your site when I'm not busy catching ladybugs *smile*  Next thing you know, you may have a Ladybug Kid award in your E-mail to proudly display on your web site for all your hard work!     

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I would like to hear from everybody, but if you don't want my Mom to see it, don't send it.  She loves me and just wants to keep me safe.

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