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Below you'll find links to all the wonderful people who have made this site possible.   Each of them I appreciate more than I can express.  Thank you!  

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Click the ladybug for Shannon's site Shannon's Wild Ladybug World:
Thanks for the great ladybug trivia I got off this site!
Click for Enchanted Learning site Enchanted Learning:
They had the great information about the ladybug experiment in space.
Click the ladybug for CelticBug site CelticBug:
Thanks for your great collection of ladybug animations, I got my scurrying ladybug divider there.
Click the ladybug for graphics! Crystal Cloud Graphics:
All the wonderful graphics and animations on this site (except the scurrying ladybug divider) were created by Crystal Cloud Graphics with me in mind! Be sure to visit her site for free graphic sets or hire her to design your site, you'll love it!
Click the ladybug for great web hosting Elysium Gates:
My mommy says our web host is very special.  It is a friendly and helpful place to have a website and surf around on.  They even gave me my very first award!

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I would like to hear from everybody, but if you don't want my Mom to see it, don't send it.  She loves me and just wants to keep me safe.

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