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  • During the Middle Ages, swarms of pests were destroying crops, so farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, for help.  Soon after, ladybugs came and ate the bad pests and saved the crops.  The farmers called these bugs, "Beetles of Our Lady" and they eventually became known as "ladybugs".
  • In many countries, ladybugs are considered to be good luck.  Just like the four-leaf clover and the horseshoe, the ladybug is thought to bring good luck to people.  I am sure that this is because of how the ladybugs are always saving crops from bad pests. So, to the farmers especially, ladybugs, are definitely good luck!
  • There are hundreds of different kinds of ladybugs all over the world. There are about 500 different kinds in the United States and nearly 5000 world wide. They come in all different colors, too. Reds, yellows, orange, grey, black, even blue.
  • Since ladybugs are really beetles, they are sometimes called lady beetles.
  • Four ladybugs were sent into space in 1999 on NASA's space shuttle led by Eileen Collins.  Ladybugs and their main food, aphids, were sent to a zero-gravity environment to study how the aphids could get away from the ladybugs without being able to jump using gravity.
  • According to the STS-93 Pilot Jeffrey S. Ashby, "...I'm told that the ladybugs on Earth will climb up a stalk to capture the aphids, and the aphids will use gravity to assist them to fall off of the leaf to escape from the ladybug.  The question is, how will these defense mechanisms work in the absence of gravity, and what will happen to the relationship between predator and prey?  One of the things that extra time has allowed us to do is to come up with names for the four ladybugs that we have.  I think they have been very appropriately named after The Beatles: John, Paul, Ringo, and George..."

    Results of the Experiment: Upon completion of the mission, it was determined that the ladybugs survived and did eat the aphids while in a microgravity environment.  Ladubugs do very well in space!

Below you'll find links to more amazing facts about these wonderful insects.  You will also find other fun and educational links that involve ladybugs.  If you know of a great page that is either fun or informative and involves ladybugs, be sure to email me.  My Mom and I would love to review it and then add it if it is cool.  

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To move around just click the ladybugs -that aren't moving "giggle"!

Click the ladybug for ladybug cycle diagram Ladybug Life Cycle Diagram:
This a wonderful drawing to color and label for a school science paper.
Click the ladybug for a great true story! The Ladybug Story:
The Ladybug Story recounts the true tale of how a group of school children used the legislative process to make the ladybug the Official Bug of the State of Massachusetts.  The story is told using both animation and writing.
Click the ladybug for math games Principals and Standards for School Mathematics:
Hard to believe that ladybugs can help one with math, but these are very fun things to do on line!  Learn geometry and measurement concepts by creating paths and navigating mazes.
Click the ladybug to read legends Ladybug Legends:
CelticBug has lots of pages on ladybugs.  This page is a compilation of ladybug legends and other interesting info.
Click the ladybug for e-cards! Ladybug E-Cards:
There are several places to get ladybug e-cards, but I really like these.
Click the ladybug for costume directions! Ladybug, Ladybug:
Maybe you are doing a play, or maybe you need an inexpensive costume.  Find out how to make a ladybug costume from a paper bag!

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