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As a child, I read a lot of books.  But the Alice stories by Lewis Carroll (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) were always my favorite, and I read them over and over again.

Then I grew up, but I never outgrew Alice.  Every time I return to her adventures, I get something new out of them.  I've come to see them as a metaphor for my own life's journey.  It's an adventure, and I never know where it will take me or what new and interesting people I'll meet!

My Kabbalah teacher once told me that the Tree of Life is like a filing cabinet, and every thing you encounter in life fits somewhere on the Tree.  I like to think of the Alice tales that way, too.  So here in my pages you will find a variety of topics, each illustrated by a scene from Alice's adventures.

Whether you're an Alice fan or a newcomer to Alice, I hope you have fun here in my pages.  And, please sign my guest book and/or send me e-mail; I'd love to hear from you!

I write a brief feature article for my home page and change it from time to time. 

Title of article: Freedom

At the beginning of her adventures, Alice jumped down the rabbit-hole because she didnít feel very free.  As an eight-year-old child in Victorian England, she had everyone else telling her what to do, how to behave, who to be.  She met new and different creatures on her journey, but they were still telling her what to do.  By the end of the story though, she had realized her own power ("youíre nothing but a pack of cards"!).

In the freedom to live my own life and be who I am without fear of repression, I am better off in this country than Alice was.  The United States of America was founded as a place that would support each individualís freedom.  Especially, I am free to worship God as I see God, and to discover and express my own spirituality as I experience it in my life.  On Independence Day, I stop, remember, and give thanks for my freedom.  Many people in other parts of the world today do not have that freedom.

However, I believe that with freedom comes responsibility.  I was given my piece of the earth to live in; how can I take care of it so it continues to support me and others?  I was given health and talents; how can I best use them to contribute to the community?  I was given insight and influence; how can I share those to help make the world a better place?  I have been given many other people in my life; how can I exist with them in harmony and support them in being themselves, too?  I was given joy and laughter; how can I share them every day?

My real job (more important than my day job!) is to keep asking these questions, and follow up on the answers.

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Note:  This site was originally born on April 1, 1997 (no fooling!)  on another server, but then I got involved in other things and never developed it beyond a brief home page.  It was reborn in July 2001 on Elysium Gates, but it is still under construction!  Stay tuned as I add more to my pages each decade or two.


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