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Welcome to the Oracle page of Orchestra! Orchestra has two oracles, one each for the god and goddess of the area. Oracles are the primary support team for area residents. They are pleased to help you with your site and answer any question you may have. They will work to resolve any problems that might arise in regards to your site. If they don't have the answer they know who to contact! Oracles also help with the various activities of the area and administrate the web ring. You can always ask a question or say hi to your Oracles on the Orchestra Forum or send them an e-mail.

The god of Orchestra is Pan. This goat footed God is most often seen playing the reed pipes. Since Orchestra members are musically inclined and have wonderful surroundings for him to frolic in, he was pleased to reside here. His Oracle is the "Oracle of the God Pan." Pan was thrilled to find a strong and conscientious volunteer to fill this role.    Pan's Oracle has long been a part of numerous volunteer groups and a dedicated member of Elysium Gates from its beginning.   This Oracle looks forward to hearing from you and creating interesting activities for Orchestra members.  When you need him, be sure to write to him directly via his own e-mail account, or post your question on the Orchestra forum.  To find out more about this Oracle be sure to visit the page he's created for you about himself and Pan:

Oracle Pan

Also be sure to visit his home site:

Spirit Wolf's Pagan Portal

The goddess of Orchestra is Harmonia. Traditionally she was the goddess of harmony and concord. The harmonious sounds of this area drew her to be Orchestra's goddess. Her Oracle is the "Oracle of the Goddess Harmonia." Currently Orchestra's goddess is in search of a fun-loving and kind volunteer to fill this role.  Are you interested?  You can apply for the position by following the links and filling out the form at  Elysium Gates Foundation.

Meanwhile, if you have a question or are in need of an Oracle's help, e-mail Pegasus.

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