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Welcome to Muse Clio's page and Historia!  Each area of Elysium Gates. Inc. has a Muse that coordiantes the activities and volunteers of that area.  Muses are primarily responsible for generating contests, awards, and activities to promote the Area's Charitable Project.  Muses are great organizers and instigators.  If you have an idea that needs to be put in action they are the volunteers to contact.

Muse Clio is the traditional Muse of History.  She is credited with introducing the Phoenician alphabet into Greece.  Her name means "Proclaimer" and she is so named because those praised by her have everlasting glory.  She is pleased to give much praise to the members of Historia for their outstanding sites.

The Muse position of Historia is currently being held by a wonderful person who has years of net volunteer service behind them.  They will be pleased to help you in any way that they can and also love suggestions for activities.

If you have a great idea or are in need of a Muse Clio's help, e-mail Muse Clio.

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