painting by Danny Willis

A gateway to Avalon. Lancelot's Castle never was; but always is, and probably will be tomorrow. It is a unique place that dwells in reality and fantasy; the innerworld connecting to the outerworld; a crossroads of Abred, Gwynedd and Ceugant.

It is an "oasis" for those who are aware of being travelers. The castle welcomes all as guests- be they nobly-born in spirit, questing pilgrims, or refugees seeking relief from pain, strife and burden.

Lancelot's Liege-Lord is very just and wise. Known by many names in different realms, this Sovereign delights in mingling with all who have entered the castle and is easily recognized by each of the different groups and individuals. The laws the Sovereign has decreed are simple and known to all, for they are universal to everyone.

I bid thee welcome. Enjoy, refresh, inquire, share, learn and delight in the bounty the Sovereign has created for citizen and traveler alike.

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Above painting copyrighted by Danny Willis, courtesy of   The Global Sketch Book  he has wonderful art, be sure to visit!
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