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The first picture shows my daughter, Alex, with Elan at Costume Con 21.  Alex is wearing a female Ranger outfit.  Elan is from the LOTR Costume group wearing a lovely rendition of Arwen's Requiem gown she made.  The second picture shows the whole ensemble of Alex's costume.  It consists of a lavender undertunic, purple over tunic, leather duster, black cloak with velvet trim (star pin on chest),  black lace up boots (bought, but fringe removed and designs burned into the top-hard to see in picture) and quiver (e-bay find, leather braid and strips added) for  a human female Ranger outfit--still to add is belt with sword and dagger (can be seen a bit in the Costume Con 21 photo.

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Here are views of the lavender slubbed silk-like undertunic with a detail of the elvish embroidery. The last picture also shows the dark purple suedecloth over tunic, with leather trim on armholes, tab and braid front ties.

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Here are two views of the leather look duster or overcoat.  Most of this is  handsewn with sinew. Armholes and sides are laced (sleeves may be laced on, not done yet).

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The black cloak is a "Ranger" cloak I made for my daughters Ranger outfit, it came from the simple description in book 2  The Two Towers  "for Aragorn's Ranger kin as dressed in Black cloaks with no device but a rayed star brooch."  You can see the brooch on the cloak in the "kit-Ranger outfit" pic  (first row above) as well. 

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