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Below you will find links I have found useful.  Enjoy browsing them.

  • Ardalambion An Elvish dictionary and other fabulous language information.
  • Art Passions A great resource site for costumes and  web art.  I used portions of paintings from here on an Elven Verse page.
  • Crystal Cloud Graphics  The gracious place with endless patience that built this site.  Besides custom work like this they offer many free graphics.
  • Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts for Windows  I got my fonts for my main page from this great site, under Tolkien's Tengwar-Sindarin Elvish.  There is a translator as well, although if you type in english words it gives you the english elvish.   The fonts are free to use on non-commercial sites.
  • Elysium Gates Web Hosting Where this site is hosted.  The Greek mythological artwork, staff and message board role playing  made this a natural place to hang my hat.  The staff is amazing, patient and professional.
  • Ted Nasmith Offical illustrator of Tolkien movies and architectural renderer.  Fantastic artwork!  Some can be seen on my Earendil page.

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White Tree of Gondor
Elven Verse
Legend and Song of Eärendil

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