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Here is a pic from Costume Con 21.  I'm posing with the "Rockbiter" in my grey Lothlorien Fellowship cloak.  The dark grey cloak is a " Fellowship" cloak as shown in the "Fellowship of the Ring" movie by Peter Jackson.  I recreated the cloak the Lothlorien elves give to the members of the Fellowship on their journey.  I made it from directions found on the LOTR Costume Research site.

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Here is a pic from Costume Con 21.  The old lady in gray is me, in the grey suede surcoat, long elven wig and next to me is Elan from the LOTR Costume group in a lovely rendition of Arwen's Requiem gown she made.

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These pics are more pics of my grey suede over tunic for my 1st Age elvish costume, front and back view and closeup of the leaf collar, which I made by cutting out individual leaves from the suede, burning a vein pattern on the top, enhancing with silver fabric paint, beading the top in silver and opal, then sewing the leaf together, edging in silver trim and finally sewing it on one at a time to the collar.

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First age elvish dress that I wore to Costume Con 21 (without undershirt-it was sssssssso  hot!). It is made from black velvet (all gores no pattern that was far above my ability).  Details include lace collar (I sewed lace trim together -3 kinds- used metallic paint rubbed on for color and age plus beading work).  The front skirt has embossed tree design (Teleperion- one of the Trees of Valinor) with star and moon, used silver paint rubbed into embossing .

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