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Lance Grunge’ is a practical accountant with a great deal of diverse knowledge, interests and experiences to draw insight, solutions and decisions upon.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Minnesota.

Lance grew up in the Berkshire mountain area of upstate New York, just east of Albany.  Averill Park Central High School provided a great forum to develop some diverse interests such as: baseball, soccer, skiing, theater, choir and band.  A New York State Regents scholarship helped to jump start higher education endeavors as an Engineering student at Clarkson College of Technology- but adventure beckoned.  Earning a full Naval ROTC scholarship, Lance traveled westward to the University of Minnesota.

Lance spent the next ten years, after graduating from Minnesota, in the United States Navy as a Naval Aviator.  These “Wings of Gold” sent him to the West Coast flying carrier-based AWACS planes with a beginning assignment aboard the USS Yorktown for the Apollo 8 recovery. Then followed two deployments to Viet Nam aboard USS Oriskany & USS Ranger.  A respite from sea duty sent Lance back to Pensacola as a formation flight instructor and check pilot.  Then, once again, it was back to sea aboard the USS Hancock to WESTPAC, but this time, it was to be involved in the evacuation of Saigon.

Suiting up in civilian attire- it was time to sample some other jobs.  There was a short period of commercial sales [too stuffy- not my style], several years as a truck driver [Vroooom- more boy’s toys!]

Repetitive work, day after day just got too boring.  So, let’s try school again! Three years later, Lance finished San Jose State University with another Bachelor’s degree.  It was during all these years that he continued a connection with the Navy, as a Reservist, but this time, as an intelligence analyst- a “spook”.

The corporate accounting world was interesting; from a single person do-all accounting position with a Silicon Valley startup company, to accounting manager of a subsidiary profit center and several years as a cost accountant.  Still- there must be more.  Lance spent fifteen years as an accounting contractor or temporary with a multitude of different companies, learning and contributing.  Now, living in western North Carolina, he focuses upon providing various companies with solid, grounded, practical, “get your books right” general ledger reconciliation efforts. [The bigger they get- the further from the basics they wander!].  Love those computers- guaranteed long term employment!

“Awesome” accounting- an acronym Lance applies to every aspect of accounting: stands for Accurate, Understandable, Simple, and Manageable. Everything must be “weighed” on these four scales, and if anything doesn’t measure up in any of these areas- then rethinking, reexamination and more work is necessary.  Setting and using craftsmanship quality standards solves many current problems and avoids future problematic situations.

“Accounting and tax preparation- I love them both!  I can be a mechanic that fixes a general ledger that’s not running right, a creative artist that’s painting a financial story with numbers, an investigator looking for that transaction that “went bad” and getting it back in line or an engineer putting the various bits and pieces together to build a unique, one of a kind, tax return”.

Got a problem or a riddle in your books? Give me a call.  I may, or may not, be able to help- but we won’t know until we try.


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