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Sabiiee | CuRriE-ChiQ~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
this helped me so muchhh
30 October 2008 - Australia

Randolphin2 | randolphin2~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I just read "Are they singing in Sparta?" and it was one of the best books that I have read on the subject. I have the other 2 books on order and look foreward to them. This is a very good web site. So much good information on Sparta I am amazed. Very good work and thanks!
27 October 2008 - California, USA

this website helped me with my essay for school. :
17 October 2008

i love sparta!!! women had soo many more rights there!!! its awesomee
7 October 2008

In a more verbose way than my last signing, thank you. Thanks for showing everyone that Sparta wasn't just some overgrown military base, which would be better spent as Athens' army. Sparta was its own system, with its own customs and beliefs. (Many of which, it should be added, seem vastly superior to other city-states', even Athens'.) Almost every other source refuses to even look into Spartan customs, beyond the "militaristic" aspects of its society. So thank you, for showing us Sparta's "softer" side.
1 October 2008 - Anch,AK

Jack Conger | dmvcg~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
30 September 2008 - ALASKA

JAHGM | portugal-velho~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thank you so much for this brilliant contribution, making Sparta much well known for all the european and euro-descendent youth.
16 August 2008 - Portugal

To the field, every man with spear in hand,
Brother to brother, warriors we stand,
Bound by creed and blood, shall we be,
We shall triumph in the face of our enemy,
Mighty Zeus is our vanguard in the fight,
Our laws our standard, our eternal light,
Though Persia hath let loose its legions,
Its slaves in bondage and its demons,
There is no army that hails from under,
That may quell our souls, cast them asunder,
For freedom, this be our battle cry,
And we shall rise and fight, the foe shall die,
Upon the ramparts, what epic battle rages,
Let us give the Persian his death wages,
For in the hour of trial, Spartan resolve shall avail,
Our warrior bonds shall carry, they shall not fail,
In war, brother to brother, man to man,
We march onward led by Leonidas' command,
And in the cold blackness of the night,
Hear our call, our cry, united we fight!
And though our blood may fall, and we die,
Our cause is not lost; it is bound on high,
So carry the banner forward onto the field,
We meet our foe with the sword and the shield!

For Freedom!!! For Sparta!!!
6 August 2008

sarah | hawaiisurfingchick_87~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
i wonted to read about Sparta. I am so glade to see that they had honor. I am also glade that they were not like the rest of greece and did not allow rape and molestation. They also relizd the importance of women. They did not let a unhonorable dumdmmies like xeries take thier honor away. I love Leonidas quotes to him. Sparta is much greater.
26 July 2008 - Missouri

Zachary | Psychogoat96~AT~aol~DOT~com
Thank You for putting this up, I finally can find reliable research of Sparta for my homework assignments.
3 June 2008 - New Jersey

Alex aguilar | aaguilar10~AT~anthonyisd~DOT~net
Spartan's were not the pest in the old days like they say
28 May 2008 - Anthony Texas

Chill | ChillTheMan7~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
thanx a lot. it helped with my social studies project about sparta
18 May 2008 - Downey, California

Derek | derek-mack~AT~live~DOT~com
Thanks, it really helped. My class has to do a bunch of debates between Sparta and Athens and this will definitely help my team win. BOOYA!
2 May 2008 - Antigonish, NS, Canada

akhym | tolulope2010~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
hmmm, really educative, afriend of mine introduced me to theis website days ago and it has really helped in my assgnments. thumbs up
18 April 2008 - nigeria

Alan The Bear!
Women are treated SO great in Sparta, so much better then Athens!
2 April 2008 - ONTARIO

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