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Howard Johnston | hsmj~DOT~ghostmojo~AT~virgin~DOT~net
An interesting, informative, and attractive site. I was particularly intrigued by the notion that Sparta was far more of an urban centre with worthwhile public buildings, temples and other architecture; than the usual comments we are familar with about it being merely a collection of villages. What would be interesting is if an accomplished historical artist could create a hypothetical rendering of the city at its peak - say after the Persian Wars.
29 August 2009 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Indeed, an artistäs rendering of Ancient Sparta would be very useful. The problem is in the absense of systematic archology we have only Pausanias to go on. He catelogues the temples, monuments and civic buildings without really describing them. Still any attempt to follow his meticulous guide book graphically would be a huge step forward. I've written a short essay on this topic for the Sparta Journal which will be released early next year. You might want to watch for that. Helena

Jordan Gunning | Jordanagunning~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
This website really help with my history assignment
12 August 2009 - Australia

Amelinda Viktor
Very educational site!
6 June 2009 - South Africa

this gave me more information about sparta i think this can hlep some one who need to know more about sparta.
29 May 2009 - Did you lern all this information.

Alexei | m52~AT~gmx~DOT~de
Hi! Great site! But I'm still looking for specific information. Everybody describes the culture, Education, Ethos of the spartiats, but I can't find any information about how did the spartiats looked. Our family-legend says that our spartan ancestors where taller then other Greeks. But where can I find evidence for this? Neither Herodotus nor Plutarch had written anything about this. It would be great if somebody can give me tip where I can get this kind of information. Thanks
P.S. my E-Mail:
23 May 2009 - Russia, Saint Petersburg

Webmaster comments   Alexei,

Your best bet is academic sources focused on forensic archeology. I personally do not know a specific source. Another important source is Greek art. The Greeks may not have produced portraits in the same way the Romans did, but they did portray people very realistically. You can be sure that the images of the Ancient Greeks from the 6th Century onward do with remarkable accuracy tell us what they looked like as a race, though not as individuals. Last but not least, go to the Peloponese, particularly down the Mani and Malea peninsulas and you will find the descendents of the Spartans. Good luck in your search!

Mario Sellinger
This site will help me greatly in my assignment. You really know your stuff, nicely done.
21 May 2009 - Australia, QLD

Laelinei | Laelinei~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I used to favour Athens a bit over Sparta, especially with it's whole being known for intelligence and stuff, but over the years I've grown to love Sparta more.
This site has helped me realize that there really is nothing like Sparta in the Ancient world (Though, the Minoans was pretty cool, too) and if I had to choose any place to live in those times, it'd so be Sparta for me. =P

The only negative thing I can even think of is the head-shaving for marriage. *pets self* I love my hair. ;~;
15 May 2009 - WI, USA

Wow! Ya know. I didn't really like Spartans before I read this. And now they are awesome!!!!!
Awesometastical Website!!!!!!
-Snb793 :P
30 April 2009


Duane Wirdel | Byrdsjanuary1954~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Years ago in grad school I had an openminded prof who taught us about the democratic elements in the Spartan constitution. I teach at a college prep school.Ancient History (full year course) and I have been teaching this truth for the last 25 years. Sparta was a victim of the Cold War too.
30 March 2009 - Newark, Delaware USA

Webmaster comments   Duane,
So good to hear that there are people like you out there! Keep up the good work. And if I may be permitted a plug for my novels, I firmly believe that reading well researched historical fiction often makes historical fact more accessible to readers who would not otherwise read history books. So be sure you tell your students about my three Sparta novels, "The Olympic Charioteer," "Are They Singing in Sparta?", and "Spartan Slave, Spartan Queen" as well. All are available via I think you'll find may students will "get hooked" on the fiction and go on to do more serious research. Best Wishes! Helena

Brianne | bbandbeauty~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
this helped me so much with my project!!
p.s. i got an 'A' on the project!!
22 March 2009 - USA

;D thnx for helping me on my essay this website helps Xp ;D
11 March 2009

Frankie | frnkjwr~AT~aol~DOT~com
I love this site! Very informative!
7 March 2009 - Michigan, United States

bev | bahitchy40~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Thoroughly enjoyed your site and found it to be very interesting and informative.
6 February 2009 - England

THanks for doing my project!!!!!!
2 February 2009 - Belgium

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