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Kratos | starky223~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
cool site , really helpful with the projects and such, Sparta rules, especially after playing God Of War 2, Cheers
14 April 2007 - Thunder Bay,Canada

Excellent site, helped me tons with my school project, Sparta is a really cool places , especially after playing God Of War
14 April 2007 - Thunder Gay,Canada

Hog | bf010~AT~stir~DOT~ac~DOT~uk
Hi. Cool site, I found through a link on the Spartan Wikipedia page as I wanted to learn more about them after I watched 300.
6 April 2007 - England

Carl Tedmanson | sabre_7_30~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Excellent site! I found this through a search when researching for a school project, and this site is one of the best I've found. Keep it up!
4 April 2007 - Adelaide, Australia

Harry | hoplite_harry07~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I made research of the battle of Thermopylae back in 2004 and since then I have been interested in the Spartan legend and enigma. What drove the 300 warriors under Leonidas to make a stand in Thermopylae? My belief, though may differ with others, is based on honour. The Spartans valued honour and courage - something that is no longer considered in our modern society. Your site provides an insight of these enigmatic Greeks who had been condemned as harsh, brutal and militaristic by some. Had the Greeks lost early in Thermopylae, history would be all different and Alexander The Great would probably never be born and Greek culture would never expand the way we know it now. All because of the 300 who willingly sacrifice all for the freedom of Greece.
4 April 2007 - Malaysia

Webmaster comments   You might also be interested in the Battle of Plataia, which followed the Spartan defeat at Thermopylae. The combined forces of the Greeks, led by the Spartans, here finally defeated the Persian land army and forced the Persians to retreat out of Greece. An excellent novel on the battle is: In Kithairon's Shadow, by Jon Edward Martin.

Thanks for helping me in one of my projects, this gave me valuable information.
1 April 2007

wira h. | wira~AT~jakartapress~DOT~com
your website has provided a wonderful insight into one of the world's most misperceived civilizations. I have been fascinated by Spartan history ever since i wrote a paper on them in college 11 years ago, but sadly over the years i found most lecturers and academicians are more inclined to use Athens as their base to teach about democracy and democratic institutions. With the movie '300' out in the open and watched by millions i sincerely hope that people will be compelled by their curiosity and newly-found inspiration to look for more sources on Spartan history such as your works and the works of others that had helped me in getting to know and understand Sparta. I wish by digging deeper into the Spartan legacy they will find new ideas and visions on how to improve our current way of living, and move closer towards real democracy, justice and equality. Thank you for a wonderful site.
20 March 2007 - jakarta, indonesia

Webmaster comments   Yes, most people nowadays focus on Athens, but what is far more disturbing: their images of Sparta are still largely the product of Athenian propaganda against Sparta during the late 5th and early 4th Century. Still, I like to think that with careful scholarship and particularly the assistance of archeology, we can move beyond these prejudices and come closer to real understanding of a fascinating society. Thank you for contributing to that search! HPS

18 March 2007 - England

Sue | s~DOT~fishpool~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Thank you for the information on this site with particular reference to modern scholorship. I intend to write a novel based on events in Athens in 432 BCE involving Athenian and Spartan characters. This website has helped to give me an insight into certain aspects of Spartan society and I am grateful to find such a good source as I commence my research.
15 March 2007 - Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

Webmaster comments   Please be sure to post a message with the title of your book, publisher etc. when it is released. I - and I'm sure many of my visitors - will want to buy it! HPS

I like your site. It helped me a lot with my project !
13 March 2007 - Quebec

Constantinos | vetdino~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Congratulations for your excellent website about Sparta!! I have added it as a link to my own about Sparta and the Battle of Thermopylae. I hope you would allow me to quote from your website in some of my future posts.
24 February 2007

Webmaster comments   Certainly, I'd be honoured.

Jacob Therien | amtherien~AT~peoplepc~DOT~com
Wow I Realy found alot of help points for my project! I will be sure to make this the first in my bibliography!
24 February 2007

Donald M.Miller, LTC, USArmy (ret) | dbmiller2~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Truly enjoyed your books and your web site on Sparta. The argument that Sparta was not a democracy is specious and nit-picking, in my opinion. What matters in that discussion is the type of government that controls the state.not whether or not all the residents thereof are full participants. For the Spartiates Sparta was a form of democracy. Whether or not they would have called it such is irrelevant. You are right.

I am a retired army officer with two tours in Viet Nam. My interest has always been in the motivation of soldiers to enter into and engage in prolonged combat. I was stationed in Greece for three years (Thessaloniki), am an honorary member of the Greek Special Forces Association, and have visited the site of ancient Sparta many times (not much to be learnt there). How did the Spartan state do it? No soldier, I can tell you, fights and dies for his "country". Oh, maybe in the abstract, and that may be why he joins the army in the first place, but that is not what keeps him standing there in the face of the enemy, knowing that he might be just about to "buy the farm". What was the motivator for the Spartiate? Was it a form of ethnic pride? You know, we are Spartans and we don't run? I am not aware of incidents of the unexplained "panic" which bedeviled other ancient Greek armies. Could it have been their intense and skilled training which gave them the confidence in their own martial abilities? Were not some of them scared to death at their first combat experience? I vividly remember saying to myself "what the h. am I doing here?" on more than one occasion in Viet Nam.

Do you have any sources you can refer me to in this regard? I've found that there is absolutely nothing to be gained from discussing this with a modern Greek.their concept (usually) of their own history and their relationships to the ancient inhabitants of the country is so completely bizarre that I learned early on not to even broach the subject. I actually spoke to some guys in a kafeneion in Sparta who were convinced they were actually descended from the ancient Spartans!
24 February 2007 - Greensboro

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