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Queen Saha
I have watched the movie 300 dozens of times and I was trying to figure out what happened to Sparta when I stumbled across your site. I found a lot if interesting information. However I still have not figured out what happpened after the movie ended. I am now looking forward to reading your books!!!!
30 July 2007 - Indiana

Webmaster comments   Dear Reader,

My books all describe Spartan society in the Archaic period, i.e. before Leonidas' defence of Greece at Thermoplyae. They help explain how Spartan society came to be as it was in 480 BC - but not what happened to it afterwards. My next release (scheduled for this fall) will focus on women in Sparta in the 7th Century BC or roughly 200 years before Thermopylae. However, I am also working on a biography of Leonidas and his much quoted (in antiquity) and impressive wife, Gorgo. At this time I plan no books describing the post-Thermopylae period.

To your question of what happened: Immediately after the defeat of the Spartans and their allies at Thermopylae, the Persians swept south, captured and burned Athens. The bulk of the citizens, however, had fled in time to an island off the coast. The Athenian fleet them managed to soundly defeat the Persian fleet in a sea-battle, and the Xerxes decided to go home with some of his army. Nevertheless he left a huge force still on the Greek mainland capable of completely subjugating Greece. It burned Athens a second time and so threatened Sparta that for the first time in her history she sent out a force that must have consisted of her entire army - i.e. all classes of reserves and the Auxiliaries of the Perioikoi. At the battle of Plataea in 479, the Spartans and their allies the Tegeans and Athenians, under a Spartan commander, Pausanias, succeeded in dealing the Persians a devasting blow and what was left of the Persian army was routed and left Greece never to return. The Greeks followed up this victory with a further defeat of the Persians at Mycale (on what is now the Turkish coast) under the other Spartan King, Leotychidas. After that, I'm sorry to say, things only went down hill.

First Sparta and Athens fell out and got entangled in a very long and brutal war against one another. In the course of this war, the Spartan citizen body became dangerously small (possibly as low as 1,200 as opposed to 6,000 at the time of Thermopylae.) More disastrous for Sparta, however, was that - as frequently happens in societies caught in a brutal war of attrition lasting decades - the society became increasing paranoid and xenophobic. By the time Sparta won the Peloponnesian War, it was a corrupt, bigoted city-state and an arrogant imperial power. This is why I prefer to write about Archaic Sparta!

I hope I have NOT discouraged you from reading my books. You will find that they explain (and correct) much of what was shown in the film "300." But if you still are more interested in the post-Thermopylae period, you can go direct to the ancient historian Thucydides "History of the Peloponnesian War" or to a modern writer, Jon Edward Martin, and his novel "In Kithairon's Shadow."

Helena P. Schrader

Helena P. Schrader
Dear Readers,

Just a quick note to let you know I am now planning to release "For the Love of a Slave: A Tale of Women in Sparta" this coming fall (2007). For more information about the novel see my author's website (on navigation bar left). Hope you all enjoy reading it!

29 July 2007 - Kythera, Laconia, Greece

Your site is interesting and useful. It's helped me alot with my history assignment. Thanks.
29 July 2007 - Queensland, Australia

Paul | sactbig~AT~netzero~DOT~com
Thank you so much for the hard work you did in gathering this valuble information. God will bless you.
8 July 2007 - California

Lissa | millienl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hi i was just wondering if you decided on the release date for love of a slave yet? loved both your books on sparta.
19 June 2007 - Brooklyn, NY

Webmaster comments   Sorry, not yet. But I'm work on it.

W.Lindsay Wheeler | wheelerplatsis~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Dr. Helena P. Schrader, Hi. My article on the "Classical definition of republic" and Sparta as a republic and not a democracy has been published by an academic journal "Sparta, Journal of Ancient Sparta and Greek History" on 5 May 2007. I ask that you look it up since your software doesn't allow a link to the actual site.
7 June 2007 - Battle Creek, MI

bigbelfast | bigbelfast~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
absolutely brilliant site, concise, succinct, yet well-detailed and very informative. looking forward to reading your books
7 June 2007 - Ireland

will | willbosmond~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
really cool site helped me with some home work
4 June 2007 - canada

Good site-it really helped me!!!!!!!!!
20 May 2007 - Manchester, Engalnd

i liked your site a lot! it helped me a LOT with a history project. thanks
10 May 2007 - usa

Deshwitat | mjolldir~AT~bigpond~DOT~net~DOT~au
your site rules it helped me with my history debate
9 May 2007 - Australia

Nelson Putram | kazram~AT~mweb~DOT~co~DOT~za
Saw the Movie 300 twice, very impressive.
Read up all I could on Greece and Sparta. GREAT !!!!!
29 April 2007 - South Africa

Lissa | millienl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Question: Will "love of a slave" definitely be released this year???

26 April 2007 - Bklyn

Webmaster comments   Lissa,

So glad you have enjoyed my books! "For the Love of a Slave" is finished, but I want to see how sales for the first two Sparta books are before making a final decision about it's release. I think there is a good chance I will go ahead with a release late this summer.

Helena Schrader

Lissa | millienl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Im sooooooo glad i found this site and you're book. I didnt think after reading "gates of fire" i would find another book on Sparta that i love that much and now i have. Please dont stop writing about Sparta and Ancient Greece (you might get fed up one day) but believe I never will.

15 April 2007 - Brooklyn, NY

Lissa | millienl~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Love her book and love this site. I just finished "Are they singing." and i cant wait for "love of a slave". I love all things spartan! i hope she doesnt get tired of the subject matter.
15 April 2007 - Brooklyn, NY

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